Scaling and Root Planing in Weeki Wachee, FL

Scaling and Root Planing in Weeki Wachee, FL

Scaling and root planing is a necessary dental procedure that serves to remove calculus and tartar deposits from your teeth. If you already have optimal oral health, scaling and root planing aren’t needed.

Simply brushing and flossing at home is enough to prevent gum disease. Patients who do have gum disease, however, won’t be able to remove calculus and tartar by brushing at home. You will need to see a dentist have your teeth professionally cleaned.

At the Michaels Center for Dental Excellence in Weeki Wachee, FL, we provide the care you need to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Dr. Polly Michaels has over 20 years of experience transforming smiles and is one of only 53 board-certified oral implantologists in Florida.

Our dentist near you and her team can help you maintain a healthy smile through our advanced treatment options. Call today if you’re ready to experience exceptional dental care.

What Is It?

Scaling and root planing is a two-part cleaning process that rids your teeth of plaque and tartar.

The scaling procedure gets deep below the gum line, reaching areas of your teeth that aren’t accessible without special instruments. Patients with gum disease have small pockets that form between their gums and teeth. Scaling serves to clean these pockets of buildup and debris. The scaler creates ultrasonic waves that clean areas that can’t be reached using traditional instruments.

Root planing smooths out your teeth, removing any rough areas where tartar had accumulated. This polishes your tooth and allows your gums to naturally reattach themselves to the tooth.

Dr. Michaels will use a local anesthetic to numb your mouth before performing scaling and root planing. This ensures that you won’t feel any pain during the procedure.

Following Treatment

Following the deep cleaning provided by scaling and root planning near you, your gums and teeth may be sensitive for a few days. This is normal and can be controlled by medication. Dr. Michaels will schedule you for a follow-up appointment to check your gums and ensure that they have healed properly.

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