Lacerations and Cuts in Weeki Wachee, FL

Lacerations and Cuts in Weeki Wachee, FL

When you choose the Michaels Center for Dental Excellence in Weeki Wachee, FL, you can look forward to receiving treatment for a wide range of dental concerns. Dr. Polly Michaels specializes in many areas to ensure that you have access to the care you need for a healthier and happier smile.

As one of only 53 board-certified oral implantologists in Florida, Dr. Michaels has the expertise to treat most dental conditions. She sees patients who require her experience after suffering an injury to their face or mouth.

Patients with lacerations and cuts should contact the Michaels Center for Dental Excellence immediately. Dr. Michaels and her dedicated staff will work to relieve you of your discomfort while providing the treatment you need for optimal healing.

What Is It?

Lacerations are any injuries to your face or mouth that result in deep cuts to your soft tissue. Injuries such as these need to be addressed right away, as any delay could result in infection or serious damage to your soft tissue.

More severe lacerations and cuts can cause damage to your bone structure, affecting your nose, jaw, cheeks, or chin. If this happens, you may require maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Michaels will closely examine your injury and run tests to determine the best course of action.

Treating Lacerations and Cuts

Depending on the severity of your injury, there are different treatment options for lacerations and cuts. As stated, any damage that affects your bone structure will need to be surgically repaired in order to resolve your injury and ensure proper healing.

If your jaw is fractured, you are likely to require special braces, metal wires, and rubber bands to repair your injury. Plates and screws are usually utilized to make sure that your bone stays securely in place.

If your teeth were injured, you might need dentures and dental splints to repair the damage. These help in the healing process to ensure that you recover comfortably.

If you are faced with lacerations and cuts, don’t hesitate to seek our service immediately. Call the Michaels Center for Dental Excellence to make an appointment to see Dr. Michaels.

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