Full Upper Replacements in Weeki Wachee, FL

Full Upper Replacements in Weeki Wachee, FL

Tooth loss can be problematic for several reasons. Not only does it detract from the natural beauty of your smile, but it can also cause you pain and discomfort while you eat. Furthermore, missing teeth can even affect your natural facial structure, resulting in lost features.

Do You Need Full Upper Replacements?

If you are missing most or all of your upper teeth, a full upper replacement can restore the form and function of your teeth, as well as your quality of life. When you visit the Michaels Center for Dental Excellence in Weeki Wachee, Florida, you’re getting the exceptional dental care that you can trust.

Dr. Polly Michaels is one of only 500 board-certified oral implantologists globally and has extensive education and training. She and her committed staff can help you achieve a gorgeous smile that will last a lifetime.

If your upper teeth are missing, damaged, or decayed, you may be an excellent fit for full upper replacements near you. Call the Michaels Center for Dental Excellence today so we can schedule a consultation with our implantologist in Weeki Wachee, FL.

Facts About Full Upper Replacements

Full upper replacements are a permanent solution that uses dental implants to restore the entire row of your upper teeth. This procedure requires a minimum of two surgeries, the first of which involves placing four to six titanium implants into your jawbone.

You will need to allow up to six months to heal from the first procedure. During this time, osseointegration takes place. This is the process of your bone naturally integrating with the titanium implants. Once you are sufficiently healed, you will come back in for your second procedure. Throughout the healing process, the implants remain covered by your gums.

The second surgery involves uncovering the implants so that extensions may be attached to them. Finally, replacement teeth are affixed to the extensions, leaving you with a full set of beautiful upper teeth.

Other factors may require additional procedures to be performed by our implantologist near you and her team. Some patients need a bone graft to ensure that there is sufficient bone structure to support the implants.

If there are broken teeth still in place, they will need to be extracted before dental implants can be safely implanted. While full upper replacements are considered permanent, they can be removed in some cases.

Give our office a call to schedule a consultation for full upper teeth replacement near you.

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