Cavities and Tooth Decay in Weeki Wachee, FL

Cavities and Tooth Decay in Weeki Wachee, FL

Cavities are a common dental issue that affects more than 90 percent of American adults. That’s a sizable portion of the population. With one out of every four adults needing cavity treatment, it’s clear that this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a cavity, it’s important to get it treated as quickly as possible. Contact the Michaels Center for Dental Excellence in Weeki Wachee, FL, if you are ready for exceptional dental care.

Dr. Polly Michaels is one of only 415 board-certified oral implantologists in the world. When you visit our dental practice, you can trust that you and your family will get the very best attention and care. We can treat your cavity and relieve any discomfort it may be causing you.

What Are Cavities and Tooth Decay?

Known in the medical world as dental caries, cavities, and tooth decay are caused when there is any kind of destruction to your tooth that results in it breaking down. Both the outer enamel and inner dentin can degrade for a number of reasons.

Foods are one of the most common culprits of decay, especially those high in sugar and carbohydrate content. These substances accumulate on your teeth over time, creating bacteria known as plaque. This damaging film eventually destroys the structure of your teeth, leading to cavities and tooth decay.

Effective Prevention

Because of this persistent threat, it’s important to get into the habit of brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist a minimum of twice a year. Cavity prevention starts with good oral hygiene. This includes using a fluoride toothpaste and chewing sugarless gum between meals and brushing.

Sugarless gum is an effective preventive step that stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth. Your saliva has natural cavity-fighting chemicals that serve to rinse off damaging bacteria on your teeth.

Dental sealants are another effective treatment option that Dr. Michaels can apply to your teeth. Sealants act as a barrier between your teeth and bacteria that helps to prevent cavities from developing. With proper care, your new dental sealants can last for several years.

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