Reasons Not to Delay Treatment in a Dental Emergency

Reasons Not to Delay Treatment in a Dental Emergency

February 1, 2021

In the event of a dental emergency, your top priority should be getting a proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. There is no way of telling how critical an injury is unless you are assessed by a dentist. You could be ignoring an issue such as dental pain thinking it is something small, but it may cost you your tooth or negatively impact your oral and overall health. At Michaels Centre for Dental Excellence, dentists advise patients to treat all types of dental emergencies with great seriousness. Common emergencies you may experience include cracked or chipped tooth, abscess, trauma, facial swelling, knocked-out tooth, soft tissue injuries, and post-treatment complications.

What Causes Delay for Urgent Dental Care?

  • Tight Budget

Emergencies strike when you least expect, and this means you can never be fully prepared for them. It therefore not uncommon for people to postpone dental care as they wait to put enough finances in order so that they can get checked by a dentist. To avoid financial distress in times of dental emergencies, consider getting a dental insurance plan that covers emergencies, and in addition to that, set up an emergency fund that you regularly contribute to.

  • Fear of the Dentist

Dental phobia is recognized as a real problem that prevents many people from getting dental care. Thanks to advancements in science and technology, sedation dentistry has evolved significantly to cater to patients with varying levels of dental fear and anxiety. Consider selecting a dedicated emergency dentist beforehand who has a good understanding of your situation. This will help lessen your anxiety when an emergency strikes since you will be going to someone you are familiar with.

  • Inability to identify a dental emergency

Dental emergencies are not always obvious and sometimes it is difficult to tell if it is something that can wait, or an issue requiring urgent care. It helps to have the contacts of your emergency dentist as you can call before rushing to the clinic. If you have no access to a dentist, then the best decision will be to still go to have a dentist like Dr. Polly Michaels look at you to confirm whether it is an emergency or not.

Consequences of Delaying Emergency Dental Treatment

Dental emergencies are just as serious as other medical concerns that need urgent attention. The best way to deal with emergency dental problems is to seek urgent dental care instead of waiting for the trouble to go away by itself. Ignoring the problem can lead to severe consequences such as:

  • Increased Risk of Complications

When you delay dental treatment, you are making room for the problem to advance and become more complicated. For instance, when a tooth abscess is left untreated, there is the risk of the bacteria causing it to enter the bloodstream, creating a life-threatening situation. In some situations, you may suffer irreversible damage such as losing a tooth.

  • Makes Treatment Longer and More Complex

As dental issues progress without medical attention, there is a chance they will impact other aspects of your oral and overall health. This means that by the time you are visiting your dentist in Spring Hill, there is a multitude of issues that have to be addressed to restore your oral and overall health. You realize that an issue that could be solved by a single dental visit or a single procedure now requires an intensive treatment approach. It could come down to having to undergo several procedures or spending long hours at the dentist’s office. In some cases, very aggressive and invasive treatment techniques have to be used in an attempt to reverse the damage.

  • Longer Recovery Time

After a problem has advanced, it is likely that the only option you have to fix it is to use an invasive or complex treatment. This comes with a lot of downtimes as it takes longer for you to recover.

  • Increased Cost of Treatment

The complexity of a procedure determines how much a particular treatment will cost. Small and simple dental jobs are more affordable when compared to complex and invasive treatments.

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