How to Conservatively Replace Your Damaged Tooth through Anterior Replacement

How to Conservatively Replace Your Damaged Tooth through Anterior Replacement

June 1, 2021

Dental aesthetics, minimally invasive processes, and natural tooth preservation are vital aspects that your dentist may consider for your missing dental structure replacement. Conservative aesthetic dentistry utilizes various modalities to restore your dental appeal. Endodontic work failure, extensive root damage, dental trauma, and advanced periodontal disease may compel our Spring Hill dentist to extract your anterior tooth. Anterior tooth loss may require an immediate replacement to prevent drifting of adjacent teeth, masticatory, and aesthetic problems. Resin-bonded bridges, removable dental prosthetics, and abutments are viable conventional solutions that your specialist may recommend. It’s crucial to undergo an early diagnosis in replacing your damaged tooth.

Why it’s done

Anterior tooth loss has detrimental implications on your dental health, and it occurs due to mouth trauma, dental caries, or periodontal diseases. At Michaels Center for Dental Excellence, we recommend you to undergo an early diagnosis and prevent extensive dental structure deterioration. Failure to provide preventive treatment at early stages may lead to detrimental effects on your dental health. Some of the complications caused by a proliferation of soft tissue damage may lead to obstruction of your nasal airway, causing sleep apnea disorder. Your mouth breathing affects your anterior open bites and leads to tongue thrusting.

Extensive oral malocclusion forces your tongue to fill the space and causes lip and muscle tonus. The imbalance between your oral musculature and your tongue may offset your tooth, leading to anterior tooth migration. Your exposed teeth are susceptible to trauma, and mouth breathing may initiate periodontal disease. If you have a chronic oral infection like periodontal disease, you will likely lose your anterior teeth at the early stages.

Loss of anterior teeth and anterior oral bite issues causes alveolar sounds. The absence of anterior guidance may predispose your dental to TMJ disorders that cause severe and life-threatening complications. Our emergency dentist in Spring Hill can help you n managing chronic mouth issues attributed to the affected anterior teeth and find suitable dental prosthetics for your treatment. An ideal treatment plan can restore your debilitating oral aesthetics and functional problems. Loss of mandibular and maxillary anterior teeth changes your dental structure and adversely affects your tooth functionalities. It would be suitable to seek treatment and restore all your dental functions.

Various Aspects to Consider During Anterior Tooth Replacement

It’s crucial to analyze variables suitable for your anterior tooth replacement, and your specialist can advise you accordingly. Dr. Polly Michaels can assess your teeth structure and recommend you to undergo various treatment modalities. Some of the aspects you should consider may include:

  • Assessing your soft tissues for any signs of gingiva and identifying suitable treatment options for addressing the soft tissue problems
  • Dental esthetics on your gingival levels, tooth contour, tooth position, and tooth alignment
  • Checking your joint and muscle tissues, fractures, or tooth wear

Our dentist in Weeki Wachee will evaluate the above aspects before placement of partial dentures or tooth implants for your dental restoration during anterior tooth replacement. Your soft tissue’s health and jawbone condition is also evaluated during your dental appointment. Our Spring Hill dentist will also check on your dental structure before you undergo anterior tooth replacement. It’s crucial in determining the underlying issues and choosing the ideal therapeutic procedures for your dental condition. It’s vital to consult your specialist on time and prevent further deterioration.

Therapeutic Options for Your Missing Anterior Teeth

The dentist near you may recommend you undergo various procedures to restore your missing or damaged anterior teeth. A conventionally fixed partial denture or an implant-supported crown can replace your missing anterior tooth. A fiber-reinforced composite resin can also be used to replace your child’s missing anterior tooth conservatively. Inadequate bone mass, unhealthy dental tissues and systemic disorders may limit you from having restorative implant-supported prosthetics.

Our emergency dentist in Spring Hill may find it challenging to replace your anterior tooth if your dental aesthetics are adversely affected. We can recommend you undergo alternative procedures. Your dentist in Weeki Wachee can replace your cracked, decayed, missing, or damaged anterior tooth. If you consider an anterior replacement, our specialists can advise you on the ideal option for you after diagnosing your jawbone, teeth, and gums. It’s crucial to notify your dentist if you have underlying dental issues before your procedure to avoid complications.

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