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How was your experience at Michaels Dental?

2/26/14 – The sign out front “We Cater to Cowards” brought me in when I first moved to Brooksville. I found it to be very true. The staff is so warm and friendly – you feel like you are going home to visit family. And very efficient and knowledgeable. They make sure you understand each step of the procedure – before and after – and will even hold your hand during the procedure if necessary. Dr. Michaels is just the best and I highly recommend her to anyone!

SHEILA H.- Brooksville

3/5/14 – Went to a dentist for 25 years before he retired. I thought – now what do I do? Then I found Dr. Michaels and love her, her husband and the whole staff. Great job, guys!

JOAN R.- Brooksville

2/15/14 – I am very lucky to have stumbled into your office in need of a glue-up on my bridge. You have impressed me with your skillful knowledge of dentistry, but more so with your compassion, your laughter, your gentle nature, and your overall personality. Although I am privy to only a microcosm of your life, what I have learned about you makes you stand out among a handful of people I have been fortunate enough to have met on my 64 year journey. I have never experienced a medical or dental office that has constant laughter going on, as most of them are way too serious in their bedside manner. You are a remarkable individual in so many respects that makes you stand head and shoulders above any of your peers, and they would be better off taking some of your mannerisms to heart. I am very happy with the results of your professional abilities, and given the opportunity, speak of you in high regard….

LARRY F.- Spring Hill

3/5/14 – This is the nicest office! Everyone working here, and especially Dr. Michaels, is very considerate and professional. My husband and I have both been very pleased.
KAREN J.- Brooksville

3/4/14 – I have been a patient at Michaels Dental for several years. I have been treated with the utmost high level of patient care. The staff is wonderful and professional. I have been to many dental groups over the years. This is my last stop. They are wonderful and gentle and would recommend them to my friends and family. Special thanks to Dr. Polly Michaels and my hygienist Holly. Thanks for letting me be part of your family.

ANTHONY C.- Citrus Springs

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We sincerely thank you for taking your valuable time to share your experience at our office.  We look forward to continuing to provide you with the very best dental care available for many years to come! 

Dr. Michaels and Staff 

3/13/14 – I have always been so scared to go to the dentist. I have very high anxiety and would usually have a panic attack just getting my teeth cleaned. But, Dr. Michaels and her staff make me feel as if I am going to be with family; a family that puts hands in your mouth 🙂 They are excellent. And I even floss now.


3/22/14 – Dr. Polly and her team are warm, friendly, remember your name, your dog’s name and make, at times an anxiety producing experience, one having been treated as an individual with sensitivity. I trust Polly and her team for professional treatment, options and outcomes – and always concern for comfort.

CONNIE B.- Brooksville

3/13/14 – Dr. Michaels has been my dentist for almost 4 years. In that time, she has shown skill, knowledge and advanced training in 21st century dentistry that far exceeds the norm. I would highly recommend anyone for their dental needs to Dr. Michaels.

FREDERICK R. - Weeki Wachee

3/22/14 – Professional is the best way to describe my experiences with Dr. Polly Michaels and all of her staff members. Each time I was treated, it was always with courtesy, kindness and efficiency. Most important of all, each treatment was fully explained, allowing me to decide the outcome. A diligent staff member alerted Dr. Michaels to a certain medication I had been taking for some time. This then enabled Dr. Michaels to determine the correct treatment. If it had gone undetected, it could have resulted in major problems for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Polly Michaels for the best dental care.

ROSEMARY D.- Duroville, CA

3/23/14 -Looking for a gentle caring dentist? Dr. Polly Michaels is the one for your family. Dr. Michaels and her entire staff are pleasant and comfortable to be around and even tho’ I am a BIG coward our wishes are always met with respect.

LORETTA S. - Spring Hill

3/27/14 – I have always received better care than I expected from Michaels Dental. Everyone, from the front desk, to Dr. Michaels herself, has always made me feel that my care and comfort was the utmost in their minds. I’ll never go anywhere else!

MELANIE S.- Brooksville

3/31/14 – I feel blessed to have Dr. Michaels as my dentist. Her staff are all so pleasant, as is she. Everyone does a good job. It’s nice to go to a dentist and have some laughs along with the serious work being done. God Bless you all.

DIANA H. - Brooksville

4/3/14 – I started with Dr. Myers years ago. When Dr. Michaels took over their practice, I was unsure as to how things would work out. She has surpassed my expectations. Dr. Michaels and her staff make me feel like family – they are friendly, compassionate, excellent and most importantly – painless. I highly recommend them.

WALTER L.- Spring Hill

4/3/14 – Dr. Polly Michaels is a very progressive dentist and is up on the newest and greatest things; but does not try to “push” procedures or products that are not needed. She is always concerned about making your experience as pain free as possible. Her staff is caring and compassionate and there is a “warm” feeling when visiting the office. I have been a patient for 3 years and would not consider going anywhere else for my dental needs.

DEE M. - Spring Hill

4/15/14 – All I can say is I cannot say enough positive comments on the staff, with their caring attitudes and comforting great sense of humor!! And when they say they “Cater to Cowards” they had me in mind! I can now honestly say I can relax in a dentist’s chair! God bless ‘em!

SHEILA S.- Hernando Beach

4/9/14 – My family and I have been Dr. Michaels’ patients since she arrived to Spring Hill. She is without a doubt the best dentist we ever had. She has just completed a dental implant for my #3 Tooth and I have since been feeling very well. She is extremely talented, very intelligent and very compassionate. We are really honored to be her patients.

NASSER E. - Brooksville

4/16/14 – I have been going to this office since 1998. The previous doctor was wonderful. At the time that he decided to retire Dr. Michaels became our Doctor. It may sound silly. I was terrified about losing Dr. Myers. The transition occurred and it rolled over to Dr. Michaels. Dr. Michaels and all her employees are fabulous, dedicated, professional, caring and very knowledgeable. I love coming here. As a matter of fact prior to getting Obama Care, I refused to go to anywhere else. I would never leave a group of people that make you feel like family.

I thank all of you for the wonderful care that was and has always been perfect.

JEAN G.- Spring Hill

4/28/14 – I highly recommend Dr. Michaels and the entire staff at Michaels Dental. I am always greeted by a warm and welcoming staff. I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Michaels. She is very nice and professional. She genuinely cares about my wellbeing. The up-to-date technology is quite impressive. I know I receive the very best care at Michaels Dental.

SHARON P. - Weeki Wachee

4/28/14 – At Michaels Dental, the staff is friendly and caring, which helps put me at ease. Dr. Michaels is very patient and calming. She takes time to explain things so I can understand them. I am very impressed by her credentials and high level of expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Michaels and the entire staff at Michaels Dental.

ROY P.- Weeki Wachee

5/6/14 – Almost all of my 68 years, I have been extremely afraid to go to the dentist. Unfortunately, this has cost me a lot in terms of dental health. Since Dr. Michaels was recommended and I started seeing her, I have not had the same kind of fears. I look forward to being seen and having my teeth cleaned. I would recommend her to everyone. Also, all of her staff are kind and caring just like Dr. Michaels.

LINDA T. - Weeki Wachee

5/6/14 – I have been a patient of Dr. Michaels since I moved to Florida in 2010. During the intervening time I’ve had significant work, including two implants, done on my teeth. Always it has been painless, and even more importantly, I’ve been treated with kindness and respect as if I’d been a member of a family rather than a patient.

LANCE D.- Spring Hill

5/13/14 – “Doc Polly” (as I call her to myself) is family.  So is the rest of the office!  She has helped me through many health issues, not just dentistry, just by listening.  She always puts me at ease, knows me by name (or is it reputation?), and is always in my corner.  I feel the entire staff is concerned about my wellness, not their pocketbooks!

JEAN C. - Brooksville

6/5/14 – I would like to tell anyone who is looking for a dentist especially if you are afraid of going to the dentists.  You owe it to yourself and your family to see the wonderful Dr. Michaels and Staff.  They make you feel right at home.  They do great work and it is a HAPPY place.  You will never be afraid to go to the dentist again.

JULIA H. - Spring Hill

7/10/14 – At 79 years old I’ve been to a lot of dentist in my life but never one like Dr. Polly Michaels.  My first appointment with Dr. Michaels was a totally new dental experience.  Never had I ever thought I’d have fun at a dentist office but I came away with a wonderful feeling and thinking about what a fun time it was.  Dr. Michaels is delightful; she has a warm put-you-at-ease manner while giving you first rate dental care.  Her staff has the same high standards of making you comfortable as she does while giving you first rate dental care.  Wish I had found her sooner.

PAT H.- Brooksville

8/27/14 – Dear “Doc Polly” and the rest of the Sunshine Girls,  Thank you for your excellent care, making me smile, and putting up with my wicked side.  I can be a real jack@$$, but you put me at ease and help me see the brighter side – always!  I am so happy to know there are professionals who truly care about people!  I just wanted you to know how special you are….

JEAN C. - Brooksville

9/10/14 – Not only does Dr. Michaels and her staff make your toothache go away but also that uncomfortable feeling of going to the dentist in general. The atmosphere is that of a happy place where fear is not welcome. Here you are treated as a valued friend and not just another patient.  You owe yourself the experience!

VICTOR W. - Spring Hill

9/18/14 – I never thought going to the dentist would become a pleasure but it did. This is because Dr. Polly Michaels is pleasant, painless, witty and above all very competent. The atmosphere is congenial and the staff courteous.

Her husband Robert is charming too!

MARIAN W. - Spring Hill

9/30/14 – We heard about Dr. Michaels practice through a casual conversation with one of her patients.  She explained how careful the staff was and gentle with their clients.  Every other dental office I found to be a little rough when working on my teeth with pain.  Dr. Michaels is the best.  Very considerate in her work, also a very cheerful, jolly, funny personality.  I’ve never seen or ever heard so much laughter, fun and happy dental staff.  Thank you Doc.

ALMA S. - Weeki Wachee

10/21/14 – A most pleasing experience.  You’re treated like family in a neat, clean environment by friendly, knowledgeable folks.  A most pleasant dental office experience.

CAROLYN W. - Spring Hill

11/10/14If you’re looking for a dentist who excels in this profession, and a staff that mirrors her compassion and humor, run, look no further and run, (don’t walk), to Michaels Dental.


11/15/14 – Anyone looking for a great dentist? I found her. Dr Polly Michaels is wonderful. She, along with her techs and office staff, makes going to the dentist easy. You’re greeted with welcoming smiles by Sandi and Lisa. They help you out with all your insurance paperwork and appointment scheduling. The Team of hygienists, Julie, Heidi and Nicole do a terrific job. Melanie Angelina Pucker cleaned my teeth like nobodies business!

I have never felt strongly enough about any business to write a review,
this Team is worth a try!

DEANNA C.- Spring Hill

11/20/14 Love my Dentist Polly Michaels! Always upbeat and I don’t fear her! She does cater to cowards 😉
Sandi is always smiling and helpful, especially with my paperwork 😉 Melanie gives the best cleanings!

KIM B.- Hudson

1/12/15 One of the friendliest and most advanced dental offices I’ve been in! Dr. Michaels and her team really know how to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Such a warm and easy going family atmosphere, they focus on quality of care and patient education so you know exactly what’s happening in your mouth. Walk in a patient; walk out a friend!

MARCUS W.- Clearwater

1/15/15 If they had a “Top Ten Dentists in the U.S.” magazine like they do for medical doctors, Dr. Polly Michaels and her team would be on the cover. I needed extensive dental work, over and above what a typical dentist could help me with. Dr. Michaels basically rebuilt my entire mouth and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Even though I have severe anxiety about going to the dentist, I am strangely sad that my visits are over. The staff is very knowledgeable, compassionate and puts you at ease from the first visit. Ten out of ten stars!

RUTH B.- Weeki Wachee

1/26/15 This team of professionals makes you feel like part of a family. They are very gentle, informative and kind. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

SUSAN C.- Spring Hill

2/10/15 I was so pleased to hear of Michaels Dental. It was a very pleasant experience. The Staff and Dr. Michaels were very friendly and professional. Dr. Michaels replaced a front tooth crown and did a great job. I really feel so good to have chosen this dental office. Thank you.

JOANNE O.- Spring Hill

3/11/15 I feel at home at this office. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Dr. Michaels makes you feel comfortable and has a great sense of humor. Most importantly, procedures are virtually painless.

Hal A.- Brooksville

3/26/15 I highly recommend Michaels Dental for the following reasons: I have found Dr. Michaels to be of highest integrity and professionalism. Every time I have needed her expertise she has been very thorough in explaining what should be done and is very gentle while working in my mouth. A very cautious dentist! She has an excellent staff and as a team they compliment one other. All are very courteous and conscientious of my needs and comfort.

Jolene H.- Brooksville

4/20/15 After living in Hernando County for 23 years I have finally found a dental practice whose owner (Dr. Polly) and staff have integrity. All work is performed with the utmost care and consideration by operatives of the highest standards. You will never regret coming here.

Sheila H.- Brooksville

5/21/15 After many years with the same dentist, it was somewhat unnerving to begin again. However, Dr. Michaels and her staff made the transition easy with their welcoming natures, professionalism and obvious competency. I am so glad to have chosen Dr. Michaels’ practice for all my dental needs. I highly recommend Michaels Dental to everyone!

Jackie B.- Spring Hill

6/18/15 I want to say how unique it is to find a dentist and staff as good as this. I’m also very proud of Dr. Michaels for staying independent and to take on all this and be such a good example to her staff. Thank you all very much.

Charles B.- Spring Hill

7/22/15 I am in awe of Dr. Michaels and every single one of her staff members. I have spent my entire life petrified with a crippling phobia for dentistry. I’ve let things go because I was too afraid to have the work done that was needed. Then along comes Polly. Dr. Polly that is. I had extensive surgery and she and the entire team treated me as if I were royalty. They were gentle and made it their priority to make sure that I was at ease and pain free through the entire procedure. Such steady kind hands and sweet gentle hearts are what you can always expect to experience at Michaels Dental! So don’t let things go or wonder where you can find a great dentist. Just stop your wondering, because Dr. Michaels and her brilliantly talented staff of assistants are just a phone call away.

Melody C.- Spring Hill

9/22/15 Melanie is awesome! OMG! This is the best day of my life. I can’t believe how much fun this is. I love everybody at Michaels Dental!

Dale U.- Spring Hill

10/1/15 I have been going to Dr. Michaels since she started her practice at this location. Have recommended her to all my friends, because of her concern and comfort of her patients. She’s very careful not to cause any pain. I will say I have never felt any discomfort at any time and I am really a big sissy.

Marguerite T.- Spring Hill

10/7/15 My wife and I both use Dr. Michaels. Their concern for your comfort is the number one priority. The staff are very polite and friendly. I have never been to a dentist like Polly Michaels. We recommend her to everyone.

Frank B.- Spring Hill

10/13/15 Dr. Michaels is great. She will make your teeth pretty and be careful not to hurt you. Her kind courteous staff will make you feel special when you are there. I take my 9 year old granddaughter there and she loves Dr. Michaels. If I move out of town I’ll have to travel back to go to Dr. Michaels.

Martha R.- Spring Hill

2/7/16 All I can say is wow… I am very anxious when attending the dentist due to past trauma, and because of that my dentist appointments have been few and far in between. I went to Dr. Michaels to remove the first of my wisdom teeth and the experience was excellent from beginning to end!! The care and attention I was given was top notch and totally pain free!! I don’t write reviews but I know there are lots of people out there like me, I would, without reservation recommend Dr. Michaels to anyone who asked.

Veronica B.- Spring Hill

4/25/16 Hi Dan M. and Gretta S., thank you for recommending Dr. Michaels for my Dentist. I’m now a Happy patient with Dr. Michaels. Dr. Polly Michaels is the most compassionate Dentist I’ve come across in years. She is thorough, meticulous and very friendly. She took her time with me and even advised me on one of my medications. My Dental hygienist was extremely gentle with me and her friendliness was over the top! She provided me with the best cleaning I’ve had in years! I enjoyed Dr. Michaels’ Grand Opening and I have recommended her to my husband and neighbor. Great Service!!

Lula C.- Hernando Beach

6/15/16 My first visit to the office of Dr. Michaels was an excellent experience. The entire staff is friendly, respectful, thorough, and reassuring. Also, the new office building is beautiful! I am actually looking forward to returning for my next appointment!

Cheryl K.- Spring Hill

How was your experience at Michaels Dental?

We welcome your testimonials and comments. Please fill out the form and we will be happy to post your testimonial upon further review.
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