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nitrous oxide

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide Sedation is an effective way for Dr. Michaels to help you stay relaxed and comfortable during a dental procedure. It is a very light form of sedation, which works fast and wears off quickly.

What is Nitrous Oxide Sedation?
Nitrous oxide, often called “laughing gas” is a colorless gas that Dr. Michaels can give you to help you relax. It is very safe when professionally administered, and it works extremely well to reduce the anxieties in many dental patients. Approximately one-third of all dentists use nitrous oxide in their offices. It is often used to sedate a patient for a short period of time, or in conjunction with another sedation medication.

Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation for me?
Dr. Michaels has been trained as to exactly when and how to administer nitrous oxide, so feel free to ask if it is right for your situation. She wants to sedate you only as much or as little as necessary. Nitrous oxide “takes the edge off.” It delivers an excellent, light sedation for patients. An additional benefit of nitrous oxide is that is suppresses, or inhibits, the gag reflex. Sometimes it is used in conjunction with other sedatives to keep patients relaxed and totally comfortable.

What can I expect from Nitrous Oxide Sedation?
Dr. Michaels will use a nosepiece which fits directly over your nose to allow you to experience the relaxation nitrous oxide provides. It usually takes effect very quickly, and lasts for as long as it remains on. During the procedure you will feel extremely relaxed, with a sensation that has been described as “dreamy”, but you will remain awake. Once the nitrous oxide is turned off, patients usually feel normal again very quickly, and can almost always drive themselves home after the appointment.

Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation safe?
Yes, it is extremely safe when given by medical professionals like Dr. Michaels. A person actually receives more oxygen with the use of nitrous oxide than one would breathing normal air. Nitrous oxide is one of the safest medications available. While most people have no negative reaction to relatively short periods of time on nitrous oxide, it does make a small percentage of people feel nauseated. This is usually when the gas is too strong, too quickly. Dr. Michaels titrates (or customizes) the amount given for you and has rarely had a patient who has any negative side effects. Another reason nitrous oxide is so safe is because if you decide you no longer want the experience, you will be back to yourself in a matter of just a few minutes. Dr. Michaels has been trained how to best deliver nitrous oxide, and will have you under close supervision for the duration of the procedure.

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